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Diploma thesis successfully defended

The diploma thesis "One Health – A systematic literature review on the role of honeybees in environmental research" has recently been completed and defended by Katharina Sophie Mair. It was carried out in the framework of the TecEUS project under the supervision of Daniela Haluza and the co-supervision of Johanna Irrgeher and is thus the product of the collaboration between the Medical University Vienna and the Montanauniversität Leoben. The design of this work was a systematic literature review, aiming to gain insight into the current use of the bee genus Apis mellifera and its hive products in environmental research. Their application to date, their reliability and potential limiting factors are summarized and discussed to provide a foundation for future research. To visualize relevant connections between included studies and create bibliographic networks, we used the VOSviewer tool (van Eck NJW, and Waltmann L. VOSViewer: Visualizing Scientific Landscapes. Version 1.6.13. [software]. 2019 Sep 16 [cited 2021 May 5; downloaded 2021 Apr 27].
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